How Students Can Future-proof for 2021

22 Nov, 2020

The world around us changes every second, minute, and hour. A new day brings up new challenges and obstacles but with that, also opportunities for growth and change. Two decades ago, one could argue that the only path to success is following an exact formula; graduate high school, go to college to get a degree and then apply for a job at a company. The way a working individual defines success now can be very different from that of a working individual five years ago. Hard and soft skills that ensured success back in 2010 are obsolete in 2020. So, what are the skills necessary to tackle new challenges within the next year?

We're thrilled to present an exclusive discussion between our esteem representative from KBank, GoJek, BitKub, and Thammasat University. Who will share their insights on How Students Can Future-proof for 2021.

Join for a group discussion on How Students Can Future-proof for 2021
Friday, 27 November 2020
18.00 - 22.00 at Common Ground : The Offices of CentralWorld


Students: 100 baht upon showing a valid Student ID at the entrance
General: Entry fee of 300 THB to be paid at the entrance