ISE offers financial supports for students on the following bases

  • Scholarship Academic Excellence
    Under this criterion, ISE students can apply for the scholarship by registering and filling in the forms for either ISE50 or ISE100 scholarship. ISE50 and ISE100 forms are available before the beginning of the first semester only.
  • Financial Aid 
    Under this criterion, ISE students can apply for the scholarship by registering and filling in the forms for either CR50 or CR100 scholarship. CR50 and CR100 forms are available during the first week of every semester.
  • Undergraduate Scholarship Program for ASEAN and NON-ASEAN Countries
    Please download guideline and fill out the scholarship application form at
    How to apply the scholarship
    Step 1:  The applicants must first apply the central admission for international student at
    Step 2:  When the applicants pass all requirements and interview and get acceptance to the program, they can send the completed scholarship application form and relevant documents to the ISE at one month before the deadline announced by the Office of Academic Affairs.
    Step 3:  ISE will process the scholarship application for the approval by the curriculum management committee and forward the approved scholarship applications to the Office of Academic Affairs by the application deadline.
    Step 4:  ISE will notify the scholarship awardees when the announcement is posted at
How does ISE award the Assistantships?
Financial Assistantship for Student’s Academic Excellence is awarded to ISE students based on their academic performance and behavior. Only a few top-ranking candidates receive each type of the Academic Excellence Scholarship each year. The assistantship is renewed automatically for the second semester of the grant year.
Financial Assistantship for Financial crisis condition is awarded to ISE students based on their immediate financial crisis. Student’s academic performance and behavior are considered during the grant of this scholarship as well. The assistantship has to be re-applied every semester along with the relevant supporting documents.

However, students must comply with the following terms and conditions in order to maintain the assistantship (for both cases):

  1. Students must work at least 8 hours per week assigned by the ISE Office during the school year. (Work Study)
  2. Students must maintain a student status and must not take academic leave for the duration of the assistantship period.
  3. Students must not violate any rules, regulations or codes of conduct outlined by both the Faculty of Engineering and Chulalongkorn University.
  4. Students must maintain a yearly cumulative grade point average above 3.25 (to be calculated at the end of a second semester each year) for ISE 50 and cumulative grade point average above 3.60 for ISE 100.
NOTE : Point 4 is not relevant for assistantship due to Financial Crisis.