Bachelor of Engineering Program in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence Engineering (International Program)

Robotics and artificial intelligence engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering field that combines principles of mechanical, electrical, computer, system, and mechatronics engineering. It covers the advanced machine design with a computer-based controller, which is the mechatronics system concept. The advanced machine design with the advanced automatic control design would increase the system mechanism performance. Moreover, electrical engineering, computer-based automatic control, and artificial intelligence algorithm would enhance the system to be more intelligent and be able to complete complicated tasks.
Robotics and artificial intelligence engineering focuses on the advanced machine design, manufacturing process, and maintenance process consisting of mechanisms and electronic system. Thus, the system can be automatically operated and work with high precision. This system consists of system or plant, actuators, sensors, controllers, and intelligence. Therefore, robotics and artificial intelligence engineer would learn the knowledge on these components as well as industrial standard, industrial safety standard, and management process to effectively use the advanced machines.
Robotics and artificial intelligence engineer can also work in manufacturing industry which adopts the advanced robots and automation process, as they have the knowledge of machinery design and computer. Moreover, they can work on international/domestic research and development area and other areas such as
  1. Mechatronics engineer
  2. Mechanical engineer in modern industry
  3. Artificial intelligence and computer engineer
  4. Electrical engineer in modern industry
  5. Machine design and control engineer
  6. Precision machine design engineer
  7. Automotive and automation engineer
  8. Maintenance engineer and etc.