AerCap visited ISE Aerospace Engineering students

24 Apr, 2023

Gillian Culhane, Vice President Corporate Communications of AerCap, and Joe Millar, Head of Technical Asia Pacific at AerCap visited ISE Aerospace Engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering on 18 April 2023. The students were introduced to Captain AER, AerCap’s ESG Mascot (top left), at a special talk where Gillian presented the company's recent successful rebranding project and the ESG efforts to commit to operating its aircraft leasing business responsibly and sustainably.

They were given a warm welcome by scholarship students (bottom right). In 2021, AerCap launched a 4-year scholarship programme providing 10 scholarships to ISE aerospace engineering students. In addition to the scholarships, AerCap provides a range of tailored supports to students including guest lectures, workshops, support with research projects, summer internships and sponsorship to CUHAR students’ club.