Prabhath De Silva, Ph.D.


Work Experience

Jan 2014 - Present       Adjunct Professor, International School of Engineering,
                                     Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
Teaching automotive engineering courses
Sep 1999 – Dec 2013   Senior Project Engineer, General Motors Corporation,
Global Simulations Owner (GSO) for HVAC air handling system performance.
                                                            Prepared and maintained certain corporate analysis procedures for use in global
                                                            engineering centres. Developed pressure based engine cooling circuit 1-D simulations,
                                                            CFD prediction of airflow in the cabin interior and air through the vehicle front-end.

June 1998 – Sep 1999  CFD Analyst, Visteon Corporation (Contract),
Provided analysis, synthesis and design improvement on vehicle climate control
                                                             applications; Supported business bidding proposals for winning OEM contracts.

June 1997 – April 1998  Assistant Professor, Thammasat University,
Undergraduate teaching: Engineering Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Engineering
                                                              Drawing.Supervised final year students’ projects, served in university committees
                                                              and conducted  administrative duties as needed.

May 1994 – May 1997    Postdoctoral Research Associate,
                                        University of Western Australia, Perth      
  Fundamental and applied research on environmental fluid flows.
                                                               Prepared proposals and communicated with funding agencies for opportunities
                                                               and grants.

Dec 1991 – May 1994     Postdoctoral Research Associate,
                                        Arizona State University                          
Research on environmental fluid flows and undergraduate instruction/teaching.
                                                              Designed and fabricated experiments to simulate complex flow situations.
                                                              Flow measuring techniques LDV, PIV, LIF, Schlieren techniques, hot wire anemometry.


Teaching Experience

1999 – 2002   Adjunct Professor, University of Detroit-Mercy     

1997               Assistant Professor, Thammasat University
                                     Fluid Dynamics, Dynamics

1990 – 1992  Graduate Assistant, Arizona State University     
                                     Dynamics, Mechanics of Solids

1983 – 1984  Assistant Lecturer, University of Moratuwa      
Thermodynamics, Mechanics

Conference & Publications

Refereed Journals
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Research Interest

Flow-thermal applications in automotive engineering, Environmental fluid mechanics, CFD and 1-D tools

Research papers by Dr. Prabhath De Silva and his ISE students

  • De Silva, I.P.D. 2018 " Hofstadter Points for Exterior Angles" Mathematics Magazine. Accepted for Publication.
  • Tessathan, T., Thammasiri, C., De Silva, P., Hussain, R., Noomwongs, N. 2017 "Cabin-Ambient Air Exchanges and Their Relation to In-Vehicle CO2 Concentration," SAE Technical Paper 2017-01-1725, 2017, doi:10.4271/2017-01-1725.
  • Maytat Luangprasert, Chainarin Vasithamrong, Suphasit Pongratananukul, Sunhapos Chantranuwathana, Suree Pumrin & I.P.D. De Silva 2017
    In-vehicle carbon dioxide concentration in commuting cars in Bangkok, Thailand.
    Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association Vol. 67, 5, 623-633.​