Asst.Prof.Paulo Fernando Rocha Garcia, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


2015    PhD, Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal. Thesis Title: "Hybrid Hypervisor Partially Deployed on FPGA". Doctoral work included research periods at the University  of Wurzburg, Germany, and the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

2011    MSc in Real Time Embedded Systems, Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal. Thesis Title: "M2uP – Multithreading Microprocessor: Front-End implementation". Graduate work included research periods at the University of Maribor, Germany, and the Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand.

2008    BSc in Industrial Electronics and Computers, Department of Electronics & Computer Engineering, University of Minho, Portugal.


Grants Awarded

Thailand :

2023      PMU-C: "A Holographic Health Information Platform for Patient Education Delivering Personalized Genetic Counselling to Users", with Bumrungrand Hospital, 9.9M THB (Co-PI)



Journal articles :

2023    Fryer, J. and Garcia, P.: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: Practices and Perspectives on Hardware Acceleration for Embedded Image Processing", Journal of Signal Processing Systems, Springer (accepted pending minor revisions: revisions submitted)

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